My doctor told me he could predict which of his patients would have a better chance of surviving based on his first meeting them. He said his prediction was solely based on the attitude of his patient. Those who wanted want to live, often lived. And those who thought they were going to die had trouble living. If that was at all true, I wanted my attitude to be toward living.

When I was stuck in the healing process, he would tell me, “Just go live your life.” I spent a great deal of time wondering what that meant and what my life should be. A cancer diagnosis was traumatic and as a result, I grieved for the loss of my previous “normal” cancer-free life. It was necessary to create a “new normal” life. Even after the body healed physically, emotional healing was physically draining too. For me it was obvious when my doctor said I was physically well enough to return to work, even though I did not “feel” well. My body was trying to heal while grieving. Once I recognized it, I was able to make changes to feel better.

Before cancer I did not pay equal attention to my mind, body and spirit. To help my healing, I tried lots of healing therapies. At first, it did not matter whether they contributed to better health, or were merely a distraction from the illness. My goal was simple, to try to smile, and hopefully, laugh everyday. Then I wanted more fun on a regular basis, followed by wanting to live a more meaningful life. What started as a difficult journey became an enjoyable adventure.

To learn more about holistic therapies view sites like this:

Healing Through The Arts tips

Try new activities for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. As I participated in workshops, classes, lectures, coaching, and traveling to new places, I found that much of my healing happened when the arts were involved. I began to think of more creative solutions, both at work and outside of work (Mind). As I had more fun and met new people, I became more active, and included regular exercise as a habit (Body). And as I paid more attention to living in harmony both with my own being and the outside influences, I realized the power my outlook had on my attitude and immune system. (Spirit)

Stress relief strategies are key for healing. A tense body, not only feels more pain, but heals more slowly, than a relaxed one. Because some of my medical tests were uncomfortable, a yoga and breathing coach taught me to how to breathe through pain. I now use this technique when I am stressed. It was also useful while waiting in doctor’s offices for appointments. Breathing calms and helps redirect my thinking.

Use visualizations for pain relief or meditation. Common themes include, favorite places with sounds and scents, favorite colors, or designs like mandalas or kaleidoscopes. One person told me that during her recovery she visualized Pac-man type creatures eating all her cancer cells. This person had breast cancer in her 30’s and she is alive and well today 35 years later.

I met a parent whose child could no longer run as a result of an injury. She told me her child got great enjoyment from meditation and visualizations where she could be free from her physical restrictions and where she could run. During the long recovery from multiple surgeries, the child also enjoyed a variety of creative art activities when being sedentary was necessary. She developed interests in areas where she could continue to be creative like fashion design.

Mandalas are used in some cultures for meditation and healing. Coloring the detailed designs helps to focus as well as quiet inner thoughts. When our turbulent thoughts are calmed we are able to redirect our thinking to relax or even think of solutions to problems.

When traveling with a large family, it is helpful to have an independent activity for the down time. On our last vacation, I brought the book World Mandalas by Madonna Gauding, and each family member enjoyed choosing and coloring a mandala in the book.

Mandala DrawingI participated in a workshop by Stephanie Smith, a mandala artist, where I learned techniques to teach anyone how to draw mandalas. I began to create 3D mandalas from found objects like the ones photographed for this website. This type of art, became an interesting fascination for the entire family since the 3D Mandalas, in all stages of development, monopolized my dining room table for several weeks. Family members could not help but to add pieces or begin to create their own. The hunt for the found objects was also a great adventure. Each finished mandala was photographed, and then dismantled for new creations on another day.


View www.biffybeans.com.

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CD’s For Guided Imagery

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