8 Expressive Arts of Healing

Joy is the foundation of the 8 Expressive Arts of Healing. Work through this area first, since the other Expressive Arts are based on it. Then you can explore the others in any order or at any time. One of my doctors told me “If you know who you are, you heal better.” So let the healing begin.

Visual Arts
Some artists dealt with their own health challenges through art.  The process of creating art, as well as the finished piece, helped make sense of their physical, mental or emotional needs.

Like art, the right selection of music can lift our spirits and provide hope. It does not have a language barrier and used in most all cultures, from building emotion in celebrations, to calming and relaxing them.

My camera is the size of a deck of cards and is easy to carry with me in a pocket. I find that I notice more details of nature when I have it with me. While I observe the broad sense of my environment being in it, when I have my camera, I feel the urge to capture the beauty of individual details to hold to them to view later.

Poems are a literary snapshot of life, just as photographs are a visual moment in time.  We have all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. A poem has few words that mean much more. Anyone can write a poem.

My doctor told me he could predict which of his patients would have a better chance of surviving based on his first meeting them. He said his prediction was solely based on the attitude of his patient. Those who wanted want to live, often lived.